The Qualified Electrical Contractor’s Credo

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He confirms to you that he is a licensed practitioner. He and his electrical generators dennis ma company is fully insured. He and his technical assistants are full service repair and maintenance men catering for both domestic and medium sized commercial businesses. Those medium sized commercial businesses are those that would require light electrical repair, maintenance, repair and installation work. But let it be known that a customer oriented electrician or electrical contractor has the view that there is no job large or small for him and his team. If an electrical upgrade required goes beyond the purview of his expertise he should be able to draw on expertise from other areas.

It is the professional electrical contractor’s express duty to explain things to the customer in full. He will fully explain the given situation and will enlighten the client as to what needs to be done next. He will tell you in full what is involved. If repairs are required, he will give you an outline of the work. If an entirely new generator needs to be installed, he will explain in full the process as it unfolds. He will also explain the cost implications of doing so because realistically, that is always of great concern to most customers. Customer centricity needs to be a firm locus of the electrical contractor’s business.

He may be studiously technical at the best of times but even he has to put on a friendly smile and be as engaging as possible. He knows full well, or so he should, that it is important for him to be giving reassurances to his customers, particularly during those critical moments that have degenerated into full-fledged emergencies. And that is another thing. He must be ready and willing at a moment’s notice.