Lead Facts You Should Know

Lead is a silvery metal that has a blue tint. Once it comes into contact with air, the color darkens into a gray color. The material is malleable and ductile, though it is a poor electrical conductor. Most of the time lead is combined with other elements to make different minerals. There are many more facts about lead that you should know.  Read below to learn some of those factors.

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Fact One: Lead is found everywhere in the Earth’s crust. It is found in soil and can build underneath a home. Lead l

Fact Two: Lead poisoning occurs when you have too much lead in the body. Children are at a greater risk for lead poisoning than adults. Paint is one of the most common causes of lead poisoning.

Fact Three: Signs of lead poisoning include diarrhea, convulsions, learning disabilities, and muscle pain. If you experience these signs and symptoms without any other potential culprits, it could be lead exposure.

Fact Four: Lead Testing can save your life. To minimize the dangers of lead in the home, you can hire a professional to conduct a lead test portland oregon. The lead test will give you the heads up that you need to protect your family from the harmful dangers of this element.

Fact Five: Many people with high lead exposure are asymptomatic, or experience no symptoms at all. In fact, it is oftentimes the fact that there are few symptoms that worsen the effects of lead in a human being. Even small amounts of lead are dangerous in the human body!

It is best to protect yourself and those that you love by scheduling a lead test on an annual basis. This test is simple and inexpensive and can potentially save your life or prevent many health problems that could affect everyone in the family.

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